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Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed

Twin Car Bed

If your son loves anything with wheels then he will love the LittleTikes Sports Car Twin Bed. Here is your chance to get him out of the crib or mommy and daddy's bed into his own "big boy" bed.

With this Race Car Twin Bed the sides are higher than the mattress to help prevent your little one from rolling off the bed.

Your child will love the sleek styling which features authentic wheel and hubcap detailing.

The bed frame is sized for a standard twin mattress and box springs which can be set at two different heights.

Race Car Twin Bed

Like other Little Tikes products this Twin Car Bed is made of sturdy, double-wall plastic and is very durable.

Here is the perfect opportunity for you to tell your little racing fan that drivers need a good nights sleep before they can race the next day so you can get them off to sleep without a hassle.

There is a built-in bookshelf that is great for keeping books, toys and to let our little stuffed friends sleep in.

The Race Car Twin Bed measures 94" x 58" x 27.5".

The most popular colors are Blue and Cherry Red. However, the bed does come in Pink, White, Green, Yellow and Black. You may have to special order to get one of these other colors though. But, if you have a girl who is a racing fan then it might be worth the effort to go for a Pink or White one.

Your son, daughter or grandchild will think their new twin car bed is so great they will just have to tell everyone.

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